1. The only reason Dubble Bubble is pink is because that’s the only color they had in the lab.

2. Junior Mints were created by the brother of the guy who invented Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies.

3. Red Vines are actually made from a dough. The ingredients include wheat flour, corn syrup, citric acid, flavoring, and red coloring, and the cooking process is very similar to baking bread or cookies.

4. Cranberries have four hollow chambers in them, which allows them to float in water.

5. Want to know if you have a good cranberry? Make sure it can bounce.

6. Wine is a key ingredient in cannolis (it forms the bubbles that you see on the shells).

7. There’s such a thing as carbonated fruit (it was started as a way to make kids eat fruit).

8. One of the supposed reasons behind doughnuts having a hole in the middle is that it prevents the doughnuts from having a gooey center when they are removed from the fryers.

9. To correctly make a French doughnut, the water used has to be a particular temperature. If it’s too cold, the yeast won’t be activated; too hot, you’ll kill the yeast. The final dough should be 80 degrees.

10. Land O’Lakes’ butter wrappers help prevent the flavors in your fridge from seeping into the butter.

11. You should take out butter 30 minutes before you’re ready to use it for a better butter experience.

12. How does the actual fortune paper get into a fortune cookie? A machine uses air pressure to grab a piece of paper and then places it on a piece of cookie dough that is then folded around the fortune.

Image Credit: taste.com.au

13. Kids in the U.S. will eat an average of 10 pounds of macaroni and cheese per year.

14. Tastykake got its name when a co-founder’s wife took a bite and said, “What a tasty cake.”

15. Jelly Belly is one of few jelly bean companies that flavors both the inside and the outside of the jelly bean.

16. Diet soda isn’t sticky (makes sense, doesn’t it?).

17. One trick to getting salt to stick to the rim of your margarita glass better is to add a little bit of honey to a salt rimmer.

18. Cotton candy used to be known as “fairy floss.”

19. The sale of Girl Scout cookies first started in 1917 when a group of girls in Oklahoma started selling sugar cookies in their high school cafeteria to raise money.

20. Tootsie Rolls start out as 13-pound logs that are then shaped down to their mini size.

21. How did Lemonheads get their name? Well, one of the founders apparently said that his son was born with a lemon-shaped head. Yup.

22. Fruity Pebbles are literally just grains of white rice that have been flattened and then puffed back up (with coloring and flavoring, of course).

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