Like, what happens if I slip and have a glass of wine or two during this 9-month sobriety challenge?
Obstetrician: First of all, it’s called “pregnancy.”
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Once you can send your kids to play in the other room without worrying about them dying, the second part of your life begins.
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My toddler baby is watching a storm out the front window. She says, “Quiet…quiet. Kaboom comin’.” She whispers: “I did it.”
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I’m tired of hearing new moms always say their baby is “such a good baby.” Just once, I wanna hear a mom be like, “Yeah, no, my baby’s a real di*k.”
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I was getting mad in traffic earlier and my 3-year-old said “all you can do is calm down and let the cars go” and now I have a therapist.
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My 8 year old daughter can already read at a 5th grade level and ignore me at a 12th grade level.
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Kids are basically reverse Roombas
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A mom just told her kids the park is closing so they would leave without throwing fits.
Another mom overheard and said, “Uh-oh, the park is closing! Gotta go! So I said, “Everyone’s leaving! Let’s follow them out!”
We all winked at each other and got in our cars.
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Hi, i’m a mom. You might know me from some of my Greatest Hits like “I thought your game was cancelled”, “please don’t fart on your sister”, “why are there dirty socks in the refrigerator” and “I’ve clearly failed as a mother, just wait until your father gets home”
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Just heard the mom of a newborn tell her crying baby “it’s ok, we’re figuring it out… we’re just on day 8” and honestly I’m on day 3,654 and I’m still figuring it out.
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If you don’t kick your kid’s toy across the room after your trip on it, are you even a parent?
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One night before bed my kid asked me to sing a new song, but the only one I could think of at the time was the fresh prince of bel air theme.
This is how millennial lullabies are born.
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No one makes more observations than a child sharing a stall with his mother inside a public restroom.
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My son told me he was listening to music from “the late 1900s,” and it took me a minute to realize he meant music from when I was in high school & college, and not something coming from a player piano in an Old West saloon.
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Me: I’m going to the grocery store…any suggestions?
9yo: [doesn’t look up from kindle]
7yo: I don’t care
Husband: Just get whatever

[3 hrs later]

9yo: Aww, I like the other kind of rice.
7yo: Hey, why didn’t you get waffles?
Husband: *bewildered* You didn’t get granola bars?
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My toddler just got a hold of a tub of butter, rubbed it all over her legs, and said “lotion you can eat” and I feel like she may be onto something.
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My 10 yr old has never met a stranger. Today at a hotel pool I couldn’t find him and he was with an entirely different family making dinner plans.
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[buying shoes for our kids]
her: which do you like better
me: idk probably our daughter
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My 6yo carried our Google Home Mini around the house all day asking it question after question to the point where I found it locked in the bathroom crying with a glass of wine.
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3-year-old: I’m 3. I get 3 cupcakes.
Wife: That’s not how it works.
Me: *eats 34 cupcakes*
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