1. Knowing there are worse things to find in your home than a bug
Arizona culture is finding scorpions in your house
slutforbeer / Via twitter.com

2. Using the time you saved not having to adjust your clock to talk about how Arizona doesn’t participate in daylight saving time
Remember when they were trying to establish daylight savings time and the state of Arizona said “fu*k that” and now all of my non-Arizona friends bully me because I don’t know when daylight savings starts or what it even means.
joeygllghr / Via twitter.com

3. Feeling the difference between degrees
Arizona culture is calling a 105 degree day a “nice day” as opposed to the usual 115+
Gaabeee_ / Via twitter.com

4. Not seeing a ton of greenery, but enjoying plenty of dirt, pebbles, and pavement.
Little known fact: Arizona’s state flower is pavement.
valerie_tosi / Via twitter.com

5. Knowing that anything forgotten in your car is going to melt/overheat/warp.
Arizona culture is having to order a new debit card every few weeks because yours gets misshapen when you leave it in the car for longer than 3-5 minutes.
lizzyjensenn / Via twitter.com

6. Having to watch out for red light and speed cameras.
Arizona culture is going 60 then slamming on the brakes right before a green light so you don’t get flashed.
KiraKirby2 / Via twitter.com

7. Taking an odd sense of pride in the ridiculously hot temperatures.
Arizona culture is seeing an already unfunny joke about how hot it is in Texas and making sure that you let everyone know that Arizona is even hotter.
jacksonercil / Via twitter.com

8. Being SO BORED that you’ll just go to a store for entertainment, but then also having to deal with the sun.
Arizona culture is getting burned by your car after it was parked for 10 minutes outside of a Target you went to out of boredom.
1975ariaa / Via twitter.com

9. Incorporating the surrounding nature into your festive holiday decorations.
Arizona culture is having a cactus in your front yard instead of a tree and putting christmas lights on it.
EmilyLadewig / Via twitter.com

10. Knowing the pain of a piping hot buckle.
Arizona culture is nearly burning ur fingers trying to put ur seatbelt on.
raaidens / Via twitter.com

11. Feeling like you need a shower even though you’re already soaking wet.
Arizona culture is drying off your back with a towel when you get home because it’s so hot and you sweat.
MarcedForDeath / Via twitter.com

12. Feeling lost without the restaurant options that you know you can find in Arizona.
Arizona culture is getting canes, in n out, or Dutch the moment you get back from a trip to a barren wasteland that doesn’t have any of those and posting it on snap.
mrmichaelmelvin / Via twitter.com

13. Knowing what it’s like in the desert and yet expecting something different every fall.
Arizona culture is being surprised every year that it’s still hot during October like if we’re supposed to experience a season other than summer
dekneess / Via twitter.com

14. Having trust issues because of mirages.
Arizona culture is as a child assuming that the “water“ you’re seeing about 500 m in front of you on the road just evaporates by the time you get there.
rockpapernipple / Via twitter.com

15. Being okay with “pretty hot” days because you’ve experienced EXTREME, SCALDING HEAT ones.
Arizona culture is saying “oh it’s not that bad” whenever it’s anything less than like 105 outside.
anniemazzy / Via twitter.com

16. Seeing that “iPhone needs to cool down before you use it” message.
Arizona culture is putting your phone in the freezer cause it overheats from being outside for 5 minutes.
carly_gracee / Via twitter.com

And finally, knowing that beautiful sunset you’re seeing is going to be ALL OVER social media
Arizona culture is everyone you know on Snapchat posting about the dust storm, monsoon, or sunset that just occurred 2 minutes ago.
miagandrea / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: valerie_tosi / twitter