1. Kate Middleton and Prince William presented third royal baby to the world

pictures.reuters.com, boredpanda

2. Conservative leader Theresa May launch’s the party’s campaign bus in Northumberland

Stefan Rousseau / PA, Archive / PA Images / Via paimages.co.uk

3. Expectation vs. Reality…

CryPtICcR33PEr / Via imgur.com

4. Clinton rallie

MLGdawg / Via imgur.com

5. U.S. marines from the 15th marine expeditionary unit help an Iraqi soldier with water from a canteen in southern Iraq, March 21, 2003

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6. Soldiers playing with the kids


7. Hillary rally in Omaha

abbydphillip, z3pp3in / Via twitter.com, boredpanda

8. Photographer Ruben Salvadori covered the conflict between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths. The picture above was staged in cooperation with a young Palestinian

Ruben Salvadori / Via rubensalvadori.com, boredpanda

9. Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump

Indi_Comments / Via twitter.com

10. Hilary Clinton event in Ohio

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11. Kids in cages fakery

TrumpOrTreason / Via reddit.com

12. Example on how the media can manipulate us

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