1. This loving passive-aggressive note.

Jiminycricketmuncher / Via reddit.com

2. It’s all fun and games until you burn the house down.

Lewgold / Via reddit.com

3. My roommate left a surprise in the kitchen, while i was outside.

Malcias / Via reddit.com

4. My roommate put this on our fridge.

pestoner / Via reddit.com

5. My trashy roommate spent the night getting high and shaving his callouses and kindly left this heap for me to find on the coffee table. That’s not cocaine, it’s foot dust.

cumdonor / Via reddit.com

6. My buddy thought he was funny when he told me to use his roommate’s bathroom.

tazack / Via reddit.com

7. When roommates disagree.

Z5555517 / Via reddit.com

8. Roommate is home tripping on mushrooms and he made a list.

orbivore / Via reddit.com

9. This perfectly clean dorm room.

BigFloppyBa11s / Via reddit.com

10. This note to keep away thieves.

palegeo / Via reddit.com

11. My roommate is a mad scientist … Great.

srathuse / Via imgur.com

12. One of my roommates left this smoothie in the fridge a week ago. It’s starting to look like a science project. So I labeled it.


13. This roommate who left the sink running.

My roommate left the sink on to defrost some meat and then left to go to Walmart. This is my room.

14. This friendly satanist.

GhazniR / Via reddit.com

15. My roommate thought I made cinnamon rolls. I actually made bacon. He was not happy with his finger scoop.

DanielCampos411 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Malcias / Reddit