1. This baker who tried to make a smile-inducing pie

JANPlRE / Via twitter.com

2. Pizza did not come out as expected.

jcarloslima / Via reddit.com

3. I forgot I was making caramel at work. It’s a tad overcooked.

Skiddle1138 / Via reddit.com

4. To make a rainbow crepe cake

Phil__Swift / Via reddit.com

5. All those hours of watching Great British Bake Off inspired me to create this pastry masterpiece

backwardsbloom / Via reddit.com

6. To decorate a cake.

Mufasaah / Via reddit.com

7. Cute baby chick bread rolls. Nailed it

FERRISBUELLER2000 / Via reddit.com

8. The person responsible for this unfortunate cake.

twoscooters / Via twitter.com

9. This cake maker who also ruined Easter.

BlewberryPie / Via twitter.com

10. This baker whose attempt at making a lamb cake turned into a nightmare.

AbeLincolnLapDance / Via reddit.com

11. This baker who claims their cake “came out perfect”.

Trustmecarrie / Via reddit.com

12. This baker who just wanted to spread some love.

veegraceful / Via twitter.com

13. This baker, who had a heartbreaking accident.

aIphabets, aIphabets / Via twitter.com

14. To make spongebob and Patrick cookie

conceptionary / Via reddit.com

15. My dad tried to bake a cake for my mum’s birthday. Tried.

kingfisherman999 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: JANPlRE / twitter