1. This true fact.
I mean, I graduated not being able to do BASIC FUCKING MATH, but holy shit can I tell you anything you need to fucking know about the old testament.

2. And this sex education.


3. This time of the year.
For all of my catholic girls


4. This triggering image.


5. This automatic response that you still accidentally use to this day.
Religious school has messed me up. People say “may the force be with you” and my immediate response is to go “and also with you”

6. And this hidden shame you’ll always carry.
If you went to Catholic School, your handwriting is either perfect or one of the greatest shames of your life because it isn’t perfect.

7. This very real problem.
When you’re about to enjoy something, but then you remember you gave it up for Lent #CatholicProblems


8. This detention that could only ever happen in a Catholic school.
The first detention I ever received was a lunch detention in 4th grade for ‘promoting witchcraft’

9. This probable answer for any test.
even got a mark for it.


10. This take on your education.
Twelve Years A Slave
— An autobiography by me chronicling my Catholic school education

11. This joke someone was always going to say in class to annoy the teacher.
when someone says they r giving up doing homework for lent to be funny #growingupcatholic

12. Even if it got awkward at times.


13. This very real reason for enjoying church.
seeing someone cute at church


14. This educational warning.


15. This reminder of repetitive confessionals.


16. This accurate fact.
im pretty sure anyone thats actually been to catholic school at some point in their life has come out doing the exact opposite of what they were taught

17. And this perfect summary.
this is the most accurate description of catholic school i have ever found