1. Huffington post being a hypocritical choosing beggar

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2. Choosing Beggar

fortnitefan38477 / Via reddit.com

3. Floss company asked for free designs. The artists responded

idlikearefund / Via reddit.com

4. Ps4 for free

SimpleWeeb / Via reddit.com

5. Selling a used iMac for 1200$, woman asks “how low” I would sell it for, or if I’d take 800 and some jewelry she makes. Oh and I also ruined Christmas.

Vindictive_Barista / Via reddit.com

6. Choosing beggars don’t like free beer at local BBQ joint

DamnitDogan / Via reddit.com

7. Found on my tattoo artists instagram, fu*k thats satisfying

leontfilmss / Via reddit.com

8. Can I have ANOTHER free violin?

TheBackburner / Via reddit.com

9. A riding mower in exchange for an almost $20,000 car…

FaulerHund / Via reddit.com

10. Thanks for knocking down the price, now how about you knock down the price?

CapiTurtleDoesOllies / Via reddit.com

11. Can’t go any lower than that.

JstnBrc / Via reddit.com

12. 15 years and one shitty excuse later…

IXBojanglesII / Via reddit.com

13. Then you dont get a tip

PSBars / Via reddit.com

14. The sheer audacity of someone who stopped associating with our friend circle “to pursue a richer life”.

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15. Cashapp beggars

Hemingwinehouse / Via reddit.com

16. People like you don’t deserve iPhones

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17. That doesn’t make sense


18. No no, you misunderstand. It’s an honor for you. To be allowed to draw for me.


19. DESPERATE for a free sofa… but only if it matches my colour scheme.

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20. Selling an $800 drone with accessories for $400 to get a little Christmas money. Then this parent of the year shows up

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