When my son was 3, he started singing a Polish nursery rhyme that my husband’s grandmother used to sing to all the babies in the family… she passed away before my son was born. We don’t speak, or sing, Polish.

My daughter, from a severe brain injury when she was 11 weeks old, was in a coma for three days. For years afterward, when it rained, she would comment, “Smells like God.”
So if you ever wondered what God smells like, you’re welcome.

Walking with my 2-yo in a cemetery by our house. She says “mommy, who is that man in the red jacket by the stone house?” She pointed to a mausoleum. There was no one else in the cemetery. “He’s waving at me!” She waved back. “He’s coming over to talk!”

My daughter was about 5 when she says you’re the best mommy I ever had. I said I’m the only mommy you’ve ever had. She looks at me and says no your the 3rd one but I like you the best

My kid’s bff started saying “I’m a boy” the second she could talk, very upset and agitated. Her mom thought she might be trans, started reading up. Then one day: “I’m not a boy now, I WAS a boy.” Starts sobbing. “I miss my sister.” As her language skills improved, she explained further: “I’m a boy. My sister takes care of me. We walk to work at the factory every day where they make buttons. We speak Spanish.”
And then:
“I’m dead. I’m DEAD!!” Sobbing.
Nightmares. Night terrors. My friend is in a panic. What is wrong?
“I’m dead because I got hit by a car. Iwas walking to the factory with my sister. The car hit me. It was dusty. I was dead on the dusty road. I miss my sister.”

I was hiking alone in the woods with my son who was 7. It was eerie quiet. Out of nowhere he says “The woods demand a sacrifice.”

I was was watching a prek class while the teacher was out and this little girl walked up to my belly pointed and said “There’s a little tiny baby in there. There’s a little baby right there.” I was pregnant but hadn’t told my job.

as a child I woke up in the middle of the night to a tall man at my bed rubbing my leg I was afraid to scream. my parents never believed me but my older brother fit the description. He died before i was born. I slept in his room & his old toys would often light up by themselves

Not creepy but… waiting for a phone call to tell me how many days/weeks my mother had left after months with terminal cancer diagnosis… my 3 yr old (not knowing diagnosis or about expected phone call) insists repeatedly “Nana is ok now”. Get call, cancer is gone.

“We’re all gonna die.”
“I know sweetie. That’s just part of-”
“You’re gonna die tomorrow.”

1991. Worked at pediatricians office. Screening a 5y/o therapy. He lived in the country, no friends, homeschooled, parents had no TV. Mid screen- he looks at me, says “Your brother saved my life in Desert Storm.” I went cold & pale… my brother was in lraq

When my daughter was 2 I found her under the table with one of my husband’s old children’s books, turning pages as if she were being read to. I asked her what she was doing. She said “reading with Grandma” my husband’s mother died two years before she was born. It was her book.

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My dad died a day after his bday. So on his bday we were all sitting n sad. My niece (4yrs) walk to my mom n said “grandpa is here n says don’t cry, his heart it sore too” She never met him. Mom asked how does he look, she said “like Aunty Mapule”. Yes, I’m a copy of my dad.

Not creepy… kind of weird and beautiful. I taught a group of kids that included a little girl who was deaf and received an implant. She loved telling me all the new sounds she discovered. My favorite was that she thought cicadas were the sound the sun made until she saw one.

On several occasions by son referred to the “guy” in our old house (“he’s big like daddy, but it’s not daddy”) He’d tell me guy was standing in the dark hallway. After no talk of it for several months, one day he suddenly looked up at the ceiling & whispered “guy is back.”

When my niece was 7, she asked us why we were keeping all the dead grandmas in the attic.
Then she laughed.

When my daughter was 2, we were walking above a creek and stopped to look at it. She stared at it silently and then pointed… …and said, “I died in there.”

Suddenly, he grabs my hand, squeezes REAL HARD and say, “Mama when you die, I’m gonna make a little-you so I can keep you always. Like with your skin, and eyes, but probly not your insides.” All smiles.

Putting my half brother down for a nap he goes. “I can’t sleep with that mean little boy staring at me “
*points to the dark closet*
We didn’t take a nap and went to the beach instead

A kid I babysat once asked me to play in the basement and when we were down there playing he said “When they put you in a box and nobody can hear you. Nobody can hear you down here either.” Then he bit me.