1. This chef that somehow managed to do this to a pan

I honestly don’t now how this happened.
amordemuerte / Via instagram.com

2. This chef who stored a squirt bottle under a heat lamp

No chef don’t put hot butter in the squeeze bottle!
kitchenbandits / Via instagram.com

3. This chef who just 86′ed buffalo sauce

Cleaning those mats? THE WORST.
shoesforcrews / Via instagram.com

4. This chef that left a spoon in the blender and literally ripped it apart

This is what happens when your manager leaves a spoon in vita mix and turns it on. A very costly mistake. $$$
exomegas / Via instagram.com

5. This chef that turned an unfortunate mistake into a creative opportunity

Very cool bandage
madebytaramae / Via instagram.com

6. This chef that didn’t proofread their menu…

I mean, creme brûlée is great, but have you ever had carrot cat?
olmokitchen / Via instagram.com

7. And this typo that, I’m sorry, is pretty bad

I seriously considered ordering it, but then I thought, “I can’t deal with this sh*t.”
just.lozza / Via instagram.com

8. And this one

I guess crab is a common word to misspell?
nashdaddy5 / Via instagram.com

9. This frustrating mistake that’ll force you to 86 everything on your station..

bedlamrose / Via instagram.com

10. This chef that just dropped hours worth of prep on the floor

I missed the shelf and dropped more than half of the container onto the floor……
brennaine / Via instagram.com

11. This unfortunate ranch dressing mishap

I don’t think that broom is going to help you much…
rockitproductions / Via instagram.com

12. This chef that slipped on ice and made a very, very big mess

As long as the chef is OK.
b_radwilddudeoffood / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: madebytaramae / instagram, nashdaddy5 / instagram