1. When you pull into the mall parking lot and you can already tell it’s going to be one of those days

kaylynntaylor93 / Via instagram.com

2. When you just want your 15 minute break

RetailJobLife / Via twitter.com

3. When you hear this joke 35 times a day

princessaly666 / Via twitter.com

4. When it couldn’t be more clear that you work there, but this still happens

dannieros3 / Via instagram.com

5. When you start to wonder if customers are bringing merchandise from other stores

retales_from_the_crypt / Via instagram.com

6. When it’s 8:58 p.m. and this happens

atthumor / Via instagram.com

7. When you know the only thing in the stockroom is dust

jwinthegreat / Via memecenter.com

8. When you have this common exchange at the register


9. When a customer thinks you’re lying when you say “everything we have is out”

JoesufKO / Via twitter.com

10. This very accurate graph

RetailJobLife / Via twitter.com

11. When there is no way in hell you’re clocking back in

XxKIDDRETROxX / Via twitter.com

12. When a customer thinks spending $50 allows them to VIP treatment

retales_from_the_crypt / Via instagram.com

13. When a customer fully knows they’re wrong but still does this

triggered_by_retail / Via instagram.com

14. When you’ve been working so many days straight that your brain can’t even process a simple greeting

darealpinkdiamonddd / Via instagram.com

15. When your customer service accidentally opens up a Pandora’s box

csrinfohub / Via instagram.com

16. When everyone calls out sick on the weekend

scousestaff / Via instagram.com

17. When you LOL internally at this threat

triggered_by_retail / Via instagram.com

18. When you finally reach your breaking point and do this mic drop

Eduardo_nino12 / Via twitter.com

19. When this becomes the mantra that keeps you sane

djrichiecee / Via tumblr.com

20. When you spend an hour fixing your section only to have a customer destroy it in 30 seconds

unknown / Via buzzfeed.com

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