There’s no doubt that the Scholastic Book Fair was one of the best parts about being a kid, and it’s totally understandable why so many people miss it. Here are some of the best tweets that perfectly capture the nostalgia:


[scholastic book fair]
teachers: make sure you buy some books
me: s p y s h * t
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u ever smell the air and it smells like the fourth grade scholastic bookfair on a chilly tuesday in october of 2007
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I think my main criticism of adulthood is there are no surprise Scholastic Book Fairs. Nothing brightens a day like a surprise book fair.
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Mom please I just need $10 to get the spy kit book at the scholastic book fair mom please mom
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“and now the groom will read his vows”
me: you make every day feel like a scholastic book fair
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Me: Where is the scholastic book fair for adults
Them: It’s called a book store
Me: No
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Date idea: crash a scholastic book fair at an elementary school together. buy them all the cool pens and jumbo erasers. easy lay
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Some of ur parents let y’all buy whatever u wanted at the scholastic book fair and it shows
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Boss: Does anyone have any good ideas for employee appreciation day?
Me: *hand shoots up*
Boss: …ideas that are not a Scholastic Book Fair.
Me: *hand lowers*
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Imagine how frustrated the cashiers at scholastic book fairs are. those kids don’t understand tax. their mom gave them $20 and said “books only”. they think they can get a book that’s $16.99 and an eraser that’s $2.99. “yeah right, idiot” the cashier has to say (by law)
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Where’s the college scholastic book fair I’m tryna catch up with my girl junie b jones
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mom: I hope you spent that $20 wisely at the book fair
me: i did i’m gonna go read now
*as i run downstairs looking at all my new pens, highlighters, and pack of glow in the dark stars*
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The club isn’t doing it for me anymore I need to go to a scholastic book fair
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Ordered something from the scholastic book fair catalog in 5th grade and it still hasn’t arrived. Slowly starting to lose hope.
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Rappers y’all need a new strategy to let ppl know y’all dropping music instead of deleting every post and unfollowing everyone if y’all really wanna surprise ppl figure out how to have a scholastic book fair at your next show

Me *on a first date*: drive me to the Scholastic Book Fair
Him: I thought we were going to the movies
Me *pulling out a wand and pointing it at him like a gun*: I said DRIVE
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Give us a perfume that smells like a Scholastic Book Fair, you cowards.
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In third grade I won a free poster from the scholastic book fair and there was a Green Day one that terrified me but my crush said Green Day was his favorite band so I got it & kept it above my bed for 4 years…mason if you’re out there I really think we could’ve had something
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Will the elementary school down the street let me crash their Scholastic book fair? Im not a creep I just want to be happy again
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