1. This is what defeat looks life bunnyfood

2. My calculations were incorrect scotthaslam17

3. Got a sandwich stuck in vending machine. Bought a drink to push the sandwich. Damn. ioxenus

4. My dog got caught in a booby trap via Internet

5. My Grandma got bit by a Pelican on the pier and then began to scold it. Schnarf_Shnarf

6. A science teacher’s worst fear dustofoblivion123

7. My senior high school year book delivers one last punch. LizzWizz

8. Was a windy day KevlarYarmulke

9. Meanwhile in my city Jordo141

10. Nobody wanted to tell Grandma that her dish with “slots for the spoons” was an ashtray… imgur

11. Nevermind imgur

12. In the janitor’s defense, he did put the soap in the soap dispenser … except for one minor detail. FowelBallz

13. The best part was my appointment wasn’t for another half hour so I spent the following 30 minutes sitting alone in embarrassed silence ferqa-licious


15. It ain’t easy being me… rafitamolin

16. There are bad days at work, then there’s this man’s day Cuccacaali

17. Well fuck Medicina

18. Exhibit A in why you mount these on the wall FowelBallz

19. This is not what I meant…. scottishsteveo

20. Mine imgur