#1 This student demonstrated that they clearly knew their Do Re Mis

#2 This guy’s teacher appreciated his take on The Emperor’s New Groove

#3 This professor was dead over his students’ test scores

#4 This English teacher helped his student draft a text to a girl

#5 This teacher trolled their student via AirDrop

#6 This professor emailed a student to inquire about his alarm clock, transportation to class, and overall life choices

#7 This college professor posed the best and most serious test question

#8 This teacher enforced a strict “Forgot a pencil? Use a quill” policy

He asked the teacher for a pen
masturprobation / Via reddit.com

#9 This teacher put up missing signs for his student who didn’t show up to class

#10 This professor made his student dance in front of the class as punishment for being tardy

#11 This teacher made sure to stay hydrated

gureiseion / Via tumblr.com

#12 This teacher designated a ~special bin~ for their students’ late assignments

tastefullyoffensive / Via tumblr.com

#13 This student’s essay on Fight Club was a work of modern art

#14 This student used his TI-84 to do more than write out “80085″

#15 This music teacher still made her student who “forgot his recorder” perform

#16 This professor kept a list of Gen Z slang he learned from his students

And lastly, this teacher’s flawless response

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