what do vsco girls wear on their wrists?
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Evertime I see a sunset my inner vsco girl comes out
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2014 tumblr girls: who are you
vsco girls: im you, but happier
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egirls v vsco girls is the modern emo v prep
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me, in a sunflower field: what was that noise
vsco girl grabbing my ankle: see you in hell
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You’re not a vsco girl or a eboy you’re just heterosexual
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*loud bang in the attic*
VSCO girl 1: did someone drop their hydro?
VSCO girl 2: *gasp* and i oop-
VSCO girl 3: no but i can’t find my metal straw
VSCO girl 1: what was that loud bang then? i’m skskskskscared
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tumblr girls: who are you
vsco girls: i’m you, but stronger
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Can vsco girls give “and i oo”p AND “sksksk” back to stan twitter, give kanken backpacks back to art hoes, and oversized t-shirts back to the depressed and insecure?
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If u liked one direction in middle school youre now either a slightly edgy kid in a fine arts class who listens to brockhampton or ur a vsco girl who listens to drake and wears birkenstocks. im sorry but i dont make the rules
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Just got surrounded by vsco girls in big t-shirts at target and i’m scared
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Bro I was just invited to a fu*king “vsco girl sleepover” like i don’t even have a sea shell necklace how the fu*k did I get invited
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Tumblr girls walked so VSCO girls could run
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I feel like the “vsco girl” style is low key just camp counselors? Like big T-shirt’s, mom shorts, friendship bracelets, hydro flasks. I mean every girl camp counselor everywhere.
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