1. Why tf I thought this was her neck

LilMaarty / Via twitter.com

2. Her legs look like they are going to leave their owner.

N1neteenE1even / Via reddit.com

3. My brother in law was so proud of the shelves he built…

TR3KS_ / Via reddit.com

4. Being a centaur is not always easy

jealousmucho / Via instagram.com

5. My Hometown has a Toaster Tree

kiasrai / Via reddit.com

6. Half dog, half cat, Cat-Dog!

nikos187 / Via reddit.com

7. Colorado doesn’t have mile marker 420 signs for some crazy reason

DetroitXL / Via reddit.com

8. Weird dogs.

REO_SpeedDealer / Via reddit.com

9. It’s super palleable.

KevlarYarmulke / Via reddit.com

10. This counterclockwise clock

WilburnPederson / Via reddit.com

11. Bard class ultimate weapon

crazy_monkey186 / Via reddit.com

12. The rubber duck cocktail garnish truely is the cherry on top.

pwaddamate / Via reddit.com

13. They called it a “shower room”.

Shower room next to a 70s gas fireplace that has been deemed unsafe for use…
dipitinmayo / Via reddit.com

14. Nike outlet needs to calm down with these savings

heapofbears / Via reddit.com

15. When you go to McDonald’s to eat ketchup

tengeckos / Via reddit.com

16. My friend tried to remove the scratches on his iPod with sandpaper.

dubby8880 / Via reddit.com

17. Thought this was a broken and poorly fixed Hula Hoop at my local toy store until I picked up another. Turns out it’s the actual design.

HaroldFaltermeyerJr / Via reddit.com

18. Forget Netflix and Chill, let’s just drink and screw

theorangehatguy / Via reddit.com

19. Naval mines are great for decorating a neighborhood.

RedConfederate / Via pikabu.ru

20. Our chicken laid a large egg that had a smaller egg inside.

Bootspilotruski / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: LilMaarty / Twitter