1. Why is this funny?

2. I can’t explain to you why any of these are funny.

3. The internet has pretty much ruined us all.

4. You simply have to have a particular sense of humour to know.

5. My weird-humoured friends, you have found your people.

6. It makes absolutely no sense.

7. Why am I laughing at this?

8. Absolutely. No. Sense.

9. WHY??????

10. Which is why these jokes are mostly reserved for people with the weirdest…

11. Pissing ourselves for no reason at all.


12. …most random sense of humour.

13. Only those blessed with the weirdest, most unique sense of humour will know.

14. Literally, WHY is this funny?

15. Until then, the rest of us will keep wondering.

16. Is there something I’m missing?

17. Which means now you probably laugh at shit and have *no idea why*.

18. Is there something I simply don’t get?

19. OK, this one is great so I get it, but also WHY?!

20. TBH, it’s probably the internet’s fault.

21. Fishes in bong bowls are practically normal.

22. And fishes as carrots aren’t that weird at all.