#1 Cool crosswalk design in Kyrgyzstan.

madbutcher / Via reddit.com

#2 For those who use only half of their avocados at a time.

sweatyourwaytofitness / Via instagram.com

#3 This airport designer is an angel.

montanagunnut / Via reddit.com

#4 A pet relief room at the San Diego Airport

resqpups / Via twitter.com

#5 Genius design: This flip-top water bottle.

crajo1 / Via imgur.com

#6 Your dog can now walk in the park at this airport in Atlanta.

layoverlife / Via twitter.com

#7 A creative atmosphere to fully plunge into the book you’re reading.

ikowain / Via instagram.com

#8 This revolutionary ink made of air pollution.

air.ink / Via instagram.com

#9 Exercises made easier! Anywhere in your home and even the gym!

skyfloatx / Via instagram.com

#10 What do you do when your favorite coffee cup doesn’t fit your car’s cup holder?

adequ8 / Via instagram.com

#11 Electric car station with solar roof in Germany.

solar24news / Via instagram.com

#12 Pick up your luggage right from a shark’s jaws at the Antalya Airport.

nadine_fedorova / Via instagram.com

#13 A phone ring to safely hold your device.

benvemodainsta / Via instagram.com

#14 A comfy backpack for your cat’s safety and comfort.

michellebocklage / Via instagram.com

#15 Liked the simple-yet-functional disposal bin on the way to security.

polks / Via instagram.com

#16 A “green wall” made of recycled plastic bottles.

csgscrap_recycling / Via instagram.com

#17 A solar bench with Wi-Fi and chargers to work in open-air.

giulio_barresi / Via instagram.com

#18 Open theatre wall built by bottles… Goa.

sangeetakalaskar / Via instagram.com

#19 A creative toilet roll holder and storage.

craigs_ecolifestyle / Via instagram.com

#20 The Urban Bloom park in Shanghai

estudiodaes / Via instagram.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: craigs_ecolifestyle / instagram.com, csgscrap_recycling / instagram.com