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teen movie villain: that’s carrie she’s a LOSER we all HATE AND BULLY her because she’s such a disgusting FREAK *pan to classically beautiful stick thin blonde woman with slightly stringy hair walking slightly hunched over* what a fu*king FREAK LOSER
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Usually in teen movies eh I never really understood how one person can send a text to the entire school..like who has the entire school’s contact on their phone???
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Why are mean girls in teen movies always in groups of three when I was in high school it was like this messy but cohesive group of 12 little bit*hes
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There was a point in the early 00′s when it seems as if Seann William Scott was in every teen movie made.
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“Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer was playing in the cafeteria when I got my coffee and I feel like I’m in a ’90s teen movie where I’ll discover I was beautiful all along if I just take off my glasses.
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Happy Shakespeare Day. My favourite of his works is 10 Things I Hate About You.
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If you think my grown a*s is gonna watch a corny teen Netflix movie about a girl & some love letters then you’re absolutely right I love you peter kavinsky
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I think my child brain took in the “voiceover” aspect of teen movies as a normal real life thing . I literally talk to myself in voice over. my conscience is an actual voiceover.
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are 7 minutes in Heaven and spin the bottle even real games I’m convinced they only exist in campy teen movies and not in our physical realm… I have not spent a minute in heaven nor spun a single bottle
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Heath Ledger singing Can’t take my eyes off you in the 10 things I hate about you is still life changing
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Kiss me for the first time while “Dreams” by The Cranberries is playing so we can be like a 90′s teen movie.
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no longer a teenager but still awaiting my personal 2000s teen movie makeover scene
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moral lesson of 100% of teen movies:
don’t ditch your uncool nice friends for the cool mean friends
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