1. This kid, who eats their chicken nuggets like this

My 4 year old is a special guy.
cosmic_alchemy_designs / Via instagram.com

2. This kid, who definitely belongs in a horror movie

kubileya / Via twitter.com

3. This kid, who had a really specific birthday request

RMBelanger26 / Via twitter.com

4. This kid, who doesn’t exactly believe in stranger danger

FeralCrone / Via twitter.com

5. This kid, who knows how to have a successful potty visit

thatmommainaz / Via twitter.com

6. This kid, who put his mom’s pantyliners on the pony, because why not

This is what happens when you leave your 3 year old unattended.
ashleyrose208 / Via instagram.com

7. This kid, who puts herself in the corner when she doesn’t like your behavior

This goofy girl put herself in the corner because she didn’t like what I was saying.
themoxiemama / Via instagram.com

8. This kid, who left their family a note to not throw out the empty pickle jar

regularcoolmom / Via instagram.com

9. This kid, who gave their Anna doll the makeover of nightmares

This is what the kids do with Elsa
ange110 / Via instagram.com

10. This kid, who has a very random naptime tradition

jenniferdorner / Via twitter.com

11. This kid, who took all the paper towel rolls out of the plastic and then wrapped herself in it

So parents…..should I be mad (opened a package of paper towel that was suppose to be stored in garage), should I be proud (made a dress from the package…. entrepreneur?!), Should I laugh?!?
cristina_medeiros86 / Via instagram.com

12. This kid, who ate some peanut butter and snuck the spoon back in the drawer

Only Emma would take a spoonful of peanut butter and put it back in the drawer when she didn’t finish thinking she was doing us a favor
christinemcilhenny / Via instagram.com

13. This kid, who made their mom sign a waiver before giving her a back rub

When she asks you if you want a back rub and then she asks you to sign some paperwork ?!?!?!?
threeringcircus10 / Via instagram.com

14. This kid, whose drawing raises a lot of questions and not enough answers

Seriously kid?
salty_as_cyn / Via instagram.com

15. This kid, who wanted to make the most of having a sectional couch

My 8 year old uses the new sectional like a boss
sandi.204 / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: cristina_medeiros86 / instagram