Kanwal Anuvind

Back in my engineering days, I was reading the incomprehensible Digital Electronics textbook.

Exactly the one in the picture. High-five fellow engineers.

I was in the living room when I decided to go to my bedroom for a quick nap.

When I woke up, I realized that I had left the textbook in the living room.

I didn’t want to move my lazy bum out of the snugly bed.

I switched on my laptop and spent thirty goddamn minutes looking for a torrent to download that textbook.

I know, I was not the best student at school!

Elena Ledoux

Sometimes I check in to a hotel in the city where I live. And stay in bed all day. I order room service. I eat sweets and read trashy magazines all day.

Alex Yang

A minute?! Not worth it!

I wake up on a lazy Saturday morning. Everyone else is asleep, so I go downstairs to get some breakfast. After scrounging around in the freezer, I manage to find some frozen pancakes!

Image Credit: Alex Yang

Yum! Pancakes!

So I go to the microwave and realize I would have to wait a minute for the pancakes to heat up.

Ugh, I am hungry now and I don’t want to have to microwave it!

What if I just eat it frozen?

So I take a small bite out of the solid pancake!


It actually isn’t that bad. This will do!

So I started eating away at the frozen food!

To this day, if I am feeling really lazy, you might find me chomping at some frozen pancakes!

It isn’t actually bad, it just is a cold and crunchy pancake!

Essentially, I was too lazy to press some buttons, so I ate a bunch of frozen pancakes!

Neil Napier

This is not about me – but about my to-be father-in-law. Still funny though.

So my to-be father-in-law likes to drink, once in a while, like any man! And he does so while watching sports, so of course he doesn’t want to get off the couch.

When my other half was 2 years old, he taught her to fetch beer from the fridge on command.

Not just that – along with basic alphabet, he also taught her how to discern which beer is which…so by the age of 2, she could look at logos of Karhu, Lapin Kulta, Olut (local beers in Finland), pronounce and pick out whichever beer she had to fetch.

Gladly, she hasn’t forgotten these life lessons to this day! :)

Via Quora