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The other day I was at Sunburn Mumbai. I was somehow in a really bad mood, Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. A beautiful girl was standing right behind me with a camera. “Hi!”, she said with a beautiful smile. “Can you please take a picture of us?”

Then I saw her hubby, holding a cigarette in one hand and a glass of beer in the other, his cheeks stuck in and giving a ‘I don’t give a crap’ look. I hated him instantly.

Then I looked back at his wife/gf and her beautiful smile melted me to take their picture

Contrary to the popular belief, there are many ways to make someone like you in 5 minutes or less.The best one being smile.

We are psychologically programmed to trust and like someone with a genuine smile.

It is why you see those models laughing affably when you open the app page on the store for Facebook or Instagram or Tinder.

The other ways to make someone like you in less than 5 minutes?

1. Your conduct.

2. Your dress sense.

3. The way you walk.

4. The way you talk.

5. The way you hold yourself
a. Constant cracking of knuckles shows lack of confidence.
b. Fidgeting with anything like a pen in your hand says the same.

6. Your facial expressions. The more expressive you are (which is a combination of the movement of your eyebrows, facial muscles, creases on your forehead, lips etc.), the more chance that you will be liked.

7. Lack of eye contact will make them repel you.

8. Your accent, fake or real, just has to stand out and make your speech clear.

9. Proper and appropriate language.

10. Bonus: Find a topic of interest that you both share and that will make anyone instantly like you.

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Joshua Otusanya

1. Remember Peoples’ Names
The sound of your name coming from the voice of another person is one of the sweetest sounds to hear. When you remember the names of people you’ve met briefly before, it makes them feel important which in turn makes you more likable.

2. Get People Talking About Themselves
We all love to talk about ourselves. It’s true! When you’re in a conversation with someone, try to genuinely learn more about them. Find out their passions and get them talking about. Your only job is to listen and show that you remember what they are saying. Even if you exit the conversation without having said much, the other person will feel more bonded with you.

3. Offer Value
People will like you more when you have something you can offer them that is of value. Adopt a giving mentality, especially when interacting with people of power. There are enough people out there only interested in what they can get from other people. This concept is what helps you become more effective at networking. The most valuable social currency is value.

4. Be More Relatable
People like people who are like them. Make an effort to broaden your knowledge-base on topics that may not necessarily interest you. You may not be a sports person, but read up on brief sports updates so you stay caught up to speed. These things make it easier to hold conversations with a wider range of people because you have more knowledge to work with.

5. Smile
You’ve probably seen this point a million times and it’s true. Smiling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to become more likable.

6. Show Appreciation
We as people love to feel important and we love to feel appreciated. Let people know how much you appreciate them and that their actions don’t go unnoticed.

7. Give Your Undivided Attention
When talking with someone, make an effort to shut off all distractions. Put your phone away! Maintain consistent eye contact and display that you are genuinely interested in the person you are speaking with.

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