Your best chance of getting what you want from a guy is to tell him everything outright.
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Ladies, we don’t care how popular (or unpopular) you are among other women. So these things shouldn’t affect your self-esteem in a relationship.
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Whenever a guy takes off his underpants, kicks them up in the air and catches them with his hand, he feels like a real ninja!
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5 years ago, a girl told me that she really liked my jacket. Then, 2 years later, the jacket got stolen. I still can’t get over it because that girl’s words remain the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time.
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Ladies, when guys want to be alone, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be with you. They just want to be alone.
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We don’t expect you to look stunning forever. After all, we’re growing older side by side. At times, we still see you the way you were 30 years ago — the wrinkles and stuff simply disappear. There are other moments when we look at you and notice all the signs of aging. There’s beauty in that as well.
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When someone is crying, a guy’s first urge is to try to solve the problem. But in cases of female tears, the reasons often run too deep to find a quick solution. So, it’s better to say something along the lines of: “I want to be alone,” or “I need you to listen to me.” Just let the guy know that you need moral support and not some immediate action.
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Often, us guys just can’t get a hint. For example, saying, “The driveway’s so slippery, I almost broke my neck,” isn’t enough to make your man do something about the problem. He’ll simply think, “Gotta be careful out on the street today.” Now, a phrase like, “Darling, get a shovel and remove the ice from the driveway,” has a much better chance of success.
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We genuinely don’t care about where to go on a date or what place to choose to dine at. If a guy feels hungry on a date, any food will do. The main thing is that he’s spending time with the object of his affection!
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When we say that you’ve got beautiful hair, we really mean it! To a guy, a woman’s hair looks great before and after cutting, curly or straight. We love your hair when it’s tousled in the morning and when it’s perfectly styled for an evening out. Basically, as long as your locks resemble a doll’s hairdo, any guy will be enthralled!
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Once, my female colleague asked me to fix her car. I helped her out but got very dirty in the process. She asked if I wanted to come inside and take a shower. I declined because I didn’t have a clean change of clothes. The girl only giggled in response. Yeah, we guys aren’t very smart when it comes to reading between the lines!
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When we get home from work, we need a period of rest. Driving home doesn’t count. Give us 20-30 minutes of doing absolutely nothing. This helps our brain and body realize that the day’s work is over and it’s time to stop thinking about it.
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Most guys (well, at least everyone I know) may admire other men in their thoughts but will never say it out loud for fear of being considered gay. As for me, I often compliment my best friends just to see their eyes light up! The way I see it, we men have the right to receive small, everyday compliments. After all, this happens so seldom!
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Guys love it when you throw a thing to them instead of just handing it over.
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Yeah, I can second that! Basically, there’s a bit of a playful dog in all of us. Scratch us behind the ear or throw us a ball and we’ll feel perfectly happy at once!
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We often have silly hobbies and if a woman takes even the slightest interest in them, we appreciate this greatly. I’m a gamer and my wife often watches me play, asking questions and generally showing her fascination with what I’m doing. This feels really amazing!
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Guys enjoy being asked out on a date as well.
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My fiancée asked me out like this: we worked for the same company so she just came up to me and said, “Hey, how about going out for dinner tonight?” I inquired who else was coming and she said, “I think, it’ll be just you and me.” And yeah, that was really cool!
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Sometimes, when a guy is looking at you, he’s really not. His eyes might be fixed in your direction, but he’s lost in thoughts about how he would’ve opened a brewery in medieval England.
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At times, we’re desperate for human touch. Perhaps this only applies to American dudes, I don’t know. Anyway, next time you’re sitting on the sofa with your boyfriend, just scratch him behind the ear or pat him on the back or something. Whenever I’m upset and fixated on problems, such actions on the part of my girlfriend help me come to my senses and enjoy life once again.
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I know the feeling! Sometimes when my girlfriend hugs me or just pats me on the head, I nearly burst into tears — this is so unlike anything else in my life!
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We often fantasize about saving the world from terrorists, and things like that. In my head, I’m the greatest action hero of all time. I’ve saved countless planes, boats, and damsels in distress. And of course, I’ve saved my family many, many times.
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I spent an hour or so this morning reading about fighter planes. Then I dozed off and saw a dream in which I was a pilot. Later in the day, I suddenly recalled my old high school notebook which had a T-Rex in a fighter jet on its cover. The memory made me laugh out loud but when my wife asked me what was the matter, I told her it was nothing. Then I laughed again, having imagined a T-Rex trying to get into flight school. To make it short, my wife and I had a row because she thought I was hiding something from her. Ladies, you should know — we guys are not that secretive. Sometimes when we laugh to ourselves, we might be thinking of a T-Rex trying to take down wind speed measurements.
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Many men have anxiety and/or depression, but they won’t talk about it and will be annoyed if you raise the issue.
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If you want something from a man, just say so. We are very task-oriented. Saying, “I’m cold” might not make a guy realize that what you really mean is, “Could you give me the blanket?” Similarly, if you’re mad at your boyfriend or husband, just tell him of your displeasure and he’ll probably stop causing it. Don’t walk around full of pent up anger, wondering why your guy doesn’t care. He just can’t figure out what you want from him!
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Men are by no means immune to mental health problems. Many of us have depression, anxiety, and body problems. Please, recognize this. The guys who have such difficulties are often looked down upon because all men are supposed to be sociable and confident. Mental health issues concern everyone — it’s a very serious thing that should be talked about more frequently (especially by men).
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We men have this box inside our minds called the Nothing Box. So whenever you ask a guy what he’s thinking of and he answers with, “Nothing…” there’s a good chance that he’s telling the truth.
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I’m sick of “guy standards” associated with dating! Not long ago, my sister gave me her friend’s phone number. We went out on a casual date but I didn’t find the girl attractive and stopped calling her after that. Apparently, she felt upset and kept waiting to hear from me. As a result, my sister told me off for being rude. Why?! I simply wasn’t interested in seeing that girl again. Besides, she had my number and could’ve texted me if she wanted a second date. “That’s not how it works,” my sister replied. “You’re a guy! It’s you who should’ve written or called her, not vice versa!” But in this case, the fact that I didn’t do this speaks for itself, don’t you think?!
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We feel enormous social pressure. We’re expected to be strong and unemotional, to support others, and to earn money. Often, we don’t know how to achieve all this and we feel scared. But we realize that we have no right to be afraid to ask for help. As a result, we experience constant stress.
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Sometimes, а guy likes to sleep in the “little spoon” position when the woman lies next to him, hugging him from behind.
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If you want something to happen between you and the guy you like, you must take a step forward and meet him halfway. If he’s not making the first move, he’s probably trying his best not to screw up.
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— “What are you thinking about?”
— “Nothing in particular.”
— “No, really — what’s the big problem?”
— “How many drones do you think it would take to lift a cat?”
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