#1 Some of these facts have been right in front of your eyes the whole time.

upstephanie / Via twitter.com

#2 Like the “8″ in the middle of this card.

PlinketyPlink / Via twitter.com

#3 Or the “LC” on Little Caesar’s toga. You just have to look closely.


#4 Other things — like these buttons on jackets — have actual functional reasons for existing that most of us don’t realize.

b1bygurll / Via twitter.com

#5 Ditto for these side flaps.

kylanxx15 / Via twitter.com

#6 Sometimes there are cool hacks that exist, just waiting for us to discover them.

kelseydarragh / Via twitter.com

#7 OK, be honest — did you realize it was Pumbaa with two “a’s”?

nthonyagu / Via twitter.com

#8 The Michael Myers mask in Halloween was originally a mask of William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk)?

KianaNoel_ / Via twitter.com

#9 Some of this stuff makes so much sense once you stop to think about, but you probably never have.

Hasd_g / Via reddit.com

#10 Like, you probably never wondered how babies and small children were x-rayed.

Jordan_Coombe / Via twitter.com

#11 And you probably never wondered what Chuck’s middle name was, amirite?

JackMcDoogal / Via twitter.com

#12 There are trivia/facts out there just waiting to blow your mind.

JayWalkr / Via twitter.com

#13 Some of which are kind of dark.

AngelicGirlxD / Via twitter.com

#14 Some of which are pretty funny.

RyanSeacrest / Via twitter.com

#15 And some of which — like the fact camels can swim! — will blown your mind.

#16 The old movie Kevin watches in Home Alone wasn’t real?

#17 Like this one Don Cheadle discovered.

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Jordan_Coombe / twitter.com