#1 Blunt force trauma to the back of the hair style

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#2 If only it was that easy

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#3 Man, my uterus would be long gone the way I drive

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#4 Periods

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#5 Thank you tumblr

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#6 Yeah, that’s definitely the problem

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#7 Hope my credit gets approved

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#8 May I suggest this pic for this sub’s banner?

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#9 Let’s go girls

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#10 Some guys need that extra little bit of help

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#11 Hmmm yes ironing

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#12 Posted This On R/Historymemes

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#13 He got called out on his “women don’t like sex” bullsh*t. Welp, I think they just don’t want to have it with you

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#14 Not how lesbians work

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#15 Bet they like it

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#16 Found in my Facebook memories

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#17 If you say no to a proposal it means you’re cheating?

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#18 If a girl sees a male gyneacologist, she is a hypocrite when she won’t allow her husband to go to a stripclub.

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#19 This post

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#20 The average woman has sex with 1-3 new men per week


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