#1 This is what a peeled peach looks like.

ewokstorm / Via twitter.com

#2 This veiny-looking peeled cherry.

Keyringletter / Via imgur.com

#3 This peeled watermelon that will make you say “idk how I feel about this”.


#4 This naked lemon just chilling.

kubuzetto / Via imgur.com

#5 This peeled wedge of clementine that looks…squidgy.

pryning / Via imgur.com

#6 These peeled pomegranates.

happyhippo77 / Via .com

#7 This array of peeled lime wedges.

70xjake / Via imgur.com

#8 This container of peeled grapes that’s just, well, it’s interesting to look at.

TheEscarBOOM / Via twitter.com

#9 This completely skinless strawberry.

_its_me__megan_ / Via twitter.com

#10 This peeled blood orange.

JdubsAlly / Via twitter.com

#11 This tomato with the top still intact, complete with a little pile of tomato skin on the side.

ChelsMcD / Via twitter.com

#12 This stark realisation into what the inside of a blueberry looks like.

kirstemin / Via imgur.com

#13 This whole, peeled avocado.

DontFu*kWithMyMoney / Via reddit.com

#14 A perfectly cut and peeled cucumber.

Zach124387 / Via twitter.com

#15 This perfectly peeled coconut.

glitterotic / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ewokstorm / twitter.com, DontFu*kWithMyMoney / reddit.com