Starbucks has opened 2 stores per day since 1987.

Starbucks has opened 2 stores per day since 1987.

America is famous for many things coffee, including its world-class brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Seattle’s Best, Caribou, and Peet’s. But one brand had successfully brought the coffee business to an entirely new level, separating itself from the rest: Starbucks.

• Starbucks was the largest coffee shop chain in the US with 15,149 stores as of September 2019

• The coffee shop giant currently operates with a total of 31,256 locations across the world

• On average, Starbucks has opened two new stores every day since 1987

• Its top competitor, Dunkin, has 10,132 stores in the US as of April 2020

• In 2019, the market for the US coffee shop industry reached $47.5 billion

• The industry grew by 3.3% year-on-year

• For 2019, Starbucks generated over $21 billion in sales in the US alone, more than half of its closest competitor