Sometimes it seems that technological progress is just amazing. But in some situations things just aren’t that pleasant…

#1 I got a push notification, “The robot is blocked.” It turns out it got blocked by a hoop.

vVint / Via, BrightSide

#2 The best things have already been invented.

lysergay / Via

#3 “A notification from my mobile carrier looks like extortion: If I don’t want any random subscriptions, I have to pay money!”

veremey55 / Via, BrightSide

#4 Support operators read our minds.

penka_s_myasa / Via

#5 How to make you happy and disappointed with just one notification:

Lichimba / Via, BrightSide

#6 It is hard to stay anonymous on the internet, even if you really try,

simpleroma / Via, BrightSide

#7 Wow, so generous!

the1 / Via, BrightSide

#8 When they know everything about you:

maxsi300 / Via, BrightSide

#9 “I installed an app that limits the screen time on my child’s tablet and decided to read the reviews.”

Jindos87 / Via, BrightSide

#10 Some people are really tired of all the giveaways.

Skozlojop87 / Via, BrightSide

#11 When the high-tech part works only one way:

SpiritUSSR / Via, BrightSide

#12 When you can’t stand spammers anymore:

molyanov / Via, BrightSide

#13 “I wanted to help, so I suggested they install remote access software. This result was unexpected.”

DedPisin / Via, BrightSide

#14 There are still some strong people that can tolerate the pop-ups.

29112017 / Via, BrightSide

#15 “Had a baby 3 weeks ago and bought these. ‘Pump anywhere,’ they said. ‘It’s whisper-quiet, nobody will know you’re pumping at all,’ they said…”

TorchIt / Via

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