1. Photographing is that there… seek to explore every detail that a lot of times are not so visible to our eyes…

Hugo Carneiro Fotografia / Via facebook.com

2. The social media queue. You need to wait in line to make this shot.

Aurify / Via reddit.com

3. Forbidden kiwi

The dogs face tho lol
lyricalmethod / Via reddit.com

4. You can still take cool “nature” shots even if the weather is bad.

lookingforlexy / Via reddit.com

5. Engagement ring photo taken “on” an iPhone

ATaleAhead / Via reddit.com

6. What you see on instagram vs. what it looks like in real life

Amythedutchess / Via twitter.com

7. Riding in the back of the car to take a cool photo

AdrianMarina / Via reddit.com

8. When someone asks the photographer where they find such amazing places

gilmarphotos / Via instagram.com

9. What i post vs. what i send my friends.

dyamondaireyel / Via twitter.com

10. How romantic

got_memes / Via reddit.com

11. Instagram model: tagged pic vs Instagram post

Petitepiranha / Via reddit.com

12. It’s all about perspective.

Quincynessig / Via reddit.com

13. Before and After taken about 30 seconds apart.

hiittrainer / Via reddit.com

14. Same makeup, same girl — the magic of light and angles!

shuushuufontana / Via reddit.com

15. Instagram vs reality

_alexhinson_ / Via twitter.com

16. When one has the outfit, but the other has the nails.

LeSalonApp / Via twitter.com

17. It takes a lot of work to look elegant in a photo!

_AbSoFab / Via twitter.com

18. When you’re tired of being perfect

BeautyChickee / Via twitter.com

19. The Instagram Photo vs. Reality

conangray / Via twitter.com

20. Instagram vs. Real- Life Motherhood

snlslh / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: Aurify / Reddit