#1 Yum… Plain chicken… No sauce.

thequinceffect / Via twitter.com

#2 This looks like something you should only use to break a window.


#3 This is just plain WRONG.

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Cliggaveli / Via twitter.com

#5 How can you eat this? How can you put this in your body?

Unseasoned baked chicken and watery hard brown rice.
Jaydoso / Via reddit.com


Jezamiah / Via reddit.com

#7 Sweet potato and unseasoned chicken breast.

Who cooked this? Fred Flintstone?!?! This is some caveman sh*t!!!
sennysun / Via reddit.com

#8 This isn’t a meal. It’s PUNISHMENT.

NosaIsabor / Via twitter.com

#9 Why would you disrespect mac and cheese like that?

FatKidDeals / Via twitter.com

#10 Why would you do that to a bird? It’s suffered enough!

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#11 This chicken looks like it’s about to file a noise complaint.

niqo_jr / Via twitter.com

#12 Yall my boss brought this in for lunch today. I’ve seen it all. STRAIGHT UP CHICKEN BREAST WITH NO SEASONING.

Cparros / Via twitter.com

#13 This legitimately looks like it could be used as a biological weapon.

____DB______ / Via twitter.com

#14 The biggest surprise here is that this person isn’t in prison.

nicolehenriksen / Via tumblr.com

#15 Someone pray for me. I just ate BOILED CHICKEN WITH NO SEASONING. IM CRYING. C R Y I N G

DaleLauraaa / Via twitter.com

#16 This is just plain sad.

jamespikeeeee / Via twitter.com

#17 This looks like a menacing alien creature.

westcoastgata / Via twitter.com

#18 Please, people. Season your food.

My roommate just cooked chicken with no seasoning what so ever.
FilthyPyrexGuy / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: niqo_jr / twitter