#1 The struggles of doing the laundry

kookextra / Via twitter.com

#2 My 5’1” girlfriend went to a brewery and sent me this.

mrjarod / Via reddit.com

#3 The way I had to use this cash machine in Spain, which I can only assume was installed by a giant. I’m 5ft4.

DrunkOnOrange / Via reddit.com

#4 At least my friend has a sense of humor.

DoesCanadaReallyExist / Via imgur.com

#5 The things she has to do when she goes shopping.

pghstitches / Via imgur.com

#6 Short people problems. My Mohawk car is ready to go!

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#7 Kike Hernández knows how to deal with short people problems.

kikehndez / Via instagram.com

#8 Short, but super creative

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#9 Short people problems..the struggle is real. My buddy’s wife shows how she puts seasonings away :)

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#10 When shopping requires a helpful friend:

MeggMcGee / Via twitter.com

#11 Love found a way.

arnoldswatanigga / Via reddit.com

#12 The must-have items for a concert if you are a short person.

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#13 Sometimes reaching the soap dispenser might be a challenge.

Persianlicious / Via reddit.com

#14 Household chores are harder for short people.

Baqpac / Via imgur.com

#15 I don’t see the problem. As a 5’3” guy, this is my little rage.

skygt / Via reddit.com

#16 I just arrived in the Netherlands (whose people are some of the tallest on the planet) and I can only just see the top of my head in the mirror (I am 5’5″)

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#17 When getting into your bed is too difficult:

tropicalgirl13 / Via instagram.com

#18 When you’re short, but you’ve still got to get things clean.

chaoswithcuties / Via instagram.com

#19 22 My wife is 5’1” and I am 6’7”, when it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all.

The_Trip_Doctor / Via reddit.com

#20 The wife wanted to wash my truck. Short people problems.

RobbyFreeking / Via reddit.com

#21 When you are trying to promote something, but the sign is bigger than you are.

lost-world-1 / Via reddit.com

#22 Climbing skills required

iCarpeDiem / Via imgur.com

#23 Short barbers need special shoes.

dyzlbarbershop / Via instagram.com

#24 Boyfriend placed his microwave on top of the fridge… He’s 6′ 2 and I’m 5′ 2 (ish). I need to grab a chair if I want use it.

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Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: MeggMcGee / twitter.com, arnoldswatanigga / reddit.com