#1 When Microsoft told it like it was.

MicrosoftStore / Via twitter.com

#2 When Old Spice refused to be told what to do.

OldSpice / Via twitter.com

#3 When GameStop went in for the kill.

GameStop / Via facebook.com

#4 When Hot Pockets knew that nobody could actually feel that way.

hotpockets / Via twitter.com

#5 When MoonPie put this guy in check.

MoonPie / Via twitter.com

#6 When Staples had no problem mocking Kris Jenner’s new necklace.

StaplesCanada / Via twitter.com

#7 When the dictionary had no problem roasting DJ Khaled.

SJSchauer / Via twitter.com

#8 When Conan thought he’d be clever roasting Netflix, and Netflix fought back.

netflix / Via twitter.com

#9 When Wendy’s existed…

Wendys / Via twitter.com

#10 …Like, seriously.

Wendys / Via twitter.com

#11 And when Jimmy John’s put Wendy’s back in its place.

Wendys / Via twitter.com

#12 When Old Spice thought it could out-sass Taco Bell.

tacobell / Via twitter.com

#13 When Butterfinger roasted Tom Brady after losing the 2018 Super Bowl.

roberto19201704 / Via twitter.com

#14 When Tesco went in for the kill.

tescomobile / Via twitter.com

#15 When Edward tried to play Samsung, and Samsung wasn’t having any of it.

SamsungMobileUS / Via twitter.com

#16 Finally, when DiGiorno changed their Twitter bio to spoof Papa John’s slogan…

DiGiorno / Eater Via eater.com

…And Papa Johns dished it right back.

Papa Johns / Eater Via eater.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Papa Johns / Eater Via eater.com