1. Your browser history is public.

2. Living alone, toilet was warm.

3. We lost internet access. Forever.

4. Hard drive failed, no backups.

5. On heavy medication, sleep deprived.

6. Redtube clip shared to Facebook.

7. George Martin dies; book unfinished.

8. Alone in bed. Blanket shifts.

9. Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Strangers again.

10. Wife screams, at her funeral.

11. You didn’t kill that spider.

12. She lied about birth control.

13. Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

14. You awoke suddenly, buried alive.

15. Last person alive hears knocking.

16. Her heat stopped. She didn’t.

17. That door was just closed.

18. Monday, Tuesday, wednesday, Thursday, Monday.

19. Narrow staircase, no shoes, Legos.

20. Just saw my refection blink.

21. It enjoys watching you sleep.

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