#1 Scientific phenomenon can be bewildering.

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#2 Hold on. Just hold on.

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#3 So what if there are no surfboards? I got your back, bro!

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#4 Life is a game of balance.

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#5 I feel as free as a bird. Let’s fly!

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#6 Holding on to fall…

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#7 Life is like an ice cream cone. It’s best enjoyed before it melts.

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#8 Be willing to be a child and be a Lilliputian in the world of Gulliver.

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#9 Drink me, Alice.

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#10 Paint the sky. Make it your own.

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#11 Through the looking glass.. err.. Sea!

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#12 Everything’s a toy.

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#13 Eureka! Eureka!

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#14 Picking up a ball of fire!

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#15 This is where heaven and earth meet…

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#16 Great beard- with a lot help from his girlfriend.

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#17 Winner, winner — chicken dinner!

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#18 The happiest day of your life, presented by: your friends.

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#19 Let me capture the clouds…

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#20 I see you. Can you see me?


#21 Ahhh! Bigfoot!

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