“Just because I don’t want you going through my phone doesn’t mean I have something to hide. It means that it’s an invasion of my privacy.”
viridity12 / Via reddit.com

“Don’t protect us from everything or we won’t be able to deal with anything.”
SilentTempestLord / Via reddit.com

“If we tell you about our depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, it means we trust you. Don’t break that trust by brushing it off like it’s nothing.”
littlepinkranger174 / Via reddit.com

“Please don’t pull the blankets off to wake us up.”
MikeHunt69420666 / Via reddit.com

“If something noteworthy happens at school, I’ll let you know. But 99% of the time you ask me what happened at school today, the answer will be ‘Class.’ Continuing to meddle for more will just annoy me. It ain’t that interesting, Chief.”
pixelated_dreamer / Via reddit.com

“You may be older, but that doesn’t automatically make you right. Sometimes I actually do know what I’m talking about.”
Rodentlove / Via reddit.com

“Not everyone on the internet is a pedophile. Some are genuinely sweet, supportive people, and I’d much rather talk to them than everyone who hates me in real life.”
Lemon_Juice477 / Via reddit.com

“Please stop telling me to be social. I’ll do it, but I’ll radiate discomfort the entire time.”
squigglybeans / Via reddit.com

“‘Because I said so’ is not a valid argument.”
aidey12345 / Via reddit.com

“When your teenage son doesn’t want to stand up under any circumstance, he most likely has a boner. Spare him some humiliation.”
throwaway374858 / Via reddit.com

“Please stop saying, ‘Fine, I guess you’ll go work at McDonald’s for the rest of your life!’ every time we argue about school. It’s fu*king infuriating.”
EmrysTheBlue / Via reddit.com

“Please don’t criticize your kid’s appearance, whether it’s their weight, fashion sense, or how they look in general. You’re meant to build them up, not tear them down — and it will stick with them for the rest of their life.”
Queenting / Via reddit.com

“I’m actually a good kid. If you saw what some other people my age were up to, you’d be thankful to have me.”
fitkid / Via reddit.com

“You’re just as addicted to technology and social media as we are.”
nitrexk / Via reddit.com

“Your words are way more impactful on me than you believe. If you call me bad words, trust me, they will hurt more than anyone else’s words.”
GeorginaGebhardt / Via reddit.com

“Forced family fun isn’t fun.”
TheHerosBane / Via reddit.com

“Yelling only makes me angrier. If you want to get through to me, explain why you’re angry. I can’t do anything if you’re just spilling your anger onto me.”
good-evening-clarice / Via reddit.com

“I don’t want to hug that uncle or aunt.”
nkem_ani / Via reddit.com

“Taking the ‘L’ doesn’t take away your power. If anything, it makes us respect you more.”
Prometheus4703 / Via reddit.com

“I am so, so proud of you for being a first-generation immigrant, being the first person in your family to go to college, and giving me opportunities you never had. I will always be grateful for it.”
aetheravis / Via reddit.com

“If I tell you I need a minute, it’s probably for a good reason. Please just give me a minute.”
Andy_7071 / Via reddit.com

“When I ask ‘why?’ I’m not always being a di*k. Sometimes, I truly want to know why you won’t let me do something that feels reasonable to me.”
ProgrammaticallyFly0 / Via reddit.com

“Kids protect their parents from things a lot more than we let on. A lot of times we don’t open up to you because we don’t think you’d handle situations in a healthy manner.”
GreyRosato / Via reddit.com

“Your child is not a mini version of you. They have their own thoughts, feelings, dreams, and emotions.”
Ivana_Dragmire / Via reddit.com

“We love you, even if we never say or show it.”
curv__reptile / Via reddit.com

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