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I don’t claim to know how this feels, and I don’t want to—However, I do acknowledge the difficulty women have with it. Respect, ladies.

From early labor to the actual childbirth it can take up to a few days!

My mom told me when she had her first child, she said, “Never again!” because of how painful it was.

I’m glad she did do it again though, because I was her 12th child.

Aarushi Sharma

To not give a fuck.

It is so easy to make this remark but actually, deep inside we all give a fuck.

We all get affected by things we pretend otherwise.

Little things keep gnawing us.

It affects us.

We just learn to cover up.

Sean Kernan

You see a good question.

You immediately know what you are going to write, “Man, they are gonna love this story!”. You submit your answer.



2 weeks later


Meanwhile some stupid answer is getting 10K upvotes. Admittedly, sometimes that stupid answer is mine, and I do apologize.

However – I’ve been on the other side of the coin and I know it sucks getting 0 acknowledgement.

Quora is trickier than it looks, particularly when you are new.

So keep chipping away at it. It will come.

John Ruzicka

Doing stand up comedy. I do it as an amateur for fun.

What I thought it was before I did it: You walk up, tell jokes for 10 minutes, then collect your free beer or $20.

What it actually is: You write 30 pages of jokes then meet with two other writers, who are also writing jokes (but different from yours). You’re all brutally honest with each other. You cut and trim. Some things don’t work. They point out logical inconsistencies. You end up with two pages.

Back to the drawing board. Repeat this process. Eventually you have 5 pages that will get you through a ten minute set. But, uh oh, one of your topical jokes appears in the media. More than one person can think of the same joke. “I had this joke first,” you think. But that doesn’t matter. You replace.

You rehearse and rehearse and rehearse so you don’t forget. You decide on a persona. You make sure your jokes match that persona. The persona needs to be enough of you to be honest or the audience won’t like it, but it should be an exaggerated version of you.

Then, you sit in a shabby green room in a bar that’s probably not in the best part of town. You get a knot in your stomach. You listen to the comedians who go before you.

You can always tell the comedians in a comedy club. They’re the ones who say “that’s a good joke” instead of laughing.

Finally, it’s your turn. You have two or three jokes to win the audience over. If they don’t like you from the start, it’s almost impossible to get them back.

Wait, what’s that? People are actually laughing! This is amazing. Why are they laughing at these lame jokes that I’ve told myself more than 100 times before performing them?

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