#1 This palm tree catching on fire

ryanpadgham / Via twitter.com

#2 This car being “tricked out” to look like a toaster.

MasStew / Via reddit.com

#3 This vanity license plate complaining about the 405 freeway


#4 This overheard conversation.

overheardla / Via instagram.com

#5 This IHOP offering valet parking…

lifebyjulia / Via instagram.com

#6 …and this beach offering a free bike valet.

purototaipu / Via reddit.com

#7 If you’re near Sherman Oaks you can get a pulled pork sandwich smoked by Dave Grohl until 4. I love LA.

justgentile / Via reddit.com

#8 This unfortunate tweet

amore_orless / Via twitter.com

#9 Rent is really getting out of control in LA.

Isitanyponder / Via reddit.com

#10 Goat yoga.

Sister-in-Law doing Yoga with a fu*king goat on her is the most LA thing I’ve ever seen.
v1rot8e / Via reddit.com

#11 This text message from a Lyft driver.

drew_amato / Via twitter.com

#12 Only in LA…the Prius hearse.

MachineGunCaveman / Via reddit.com

#13 This posting for an AirPods owners meetup at The Grove.

louysoo / Via twitter.com

#14 This security-guarded mural made “for influencers” only.

justincaffier / Via twitter.com

#15 This parking lot sign scam.

OH8IRD / Via reddit.com

#16 This person bragging about being on TV during a live car chase.

__emdash / Via instagram.com

#17 This mountain lion just casually strolling by a popular tourist landmark.

natgeo / Via instagram.com

#18 Keep it classy Burbank.

mbutts_ppi / Via instagram.com

#19 This teen getting hit by a car — driven by Ashton Kutcher — and then taking a selfie with him.

Got hit by a car today…but it’s OK because it was by Ashton Kutcher.
littleduckleo / Via instagram.com

#20 I decided simply to just not park there.


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ryanpadgham / twitter, v1rot8e / reddit