Today, a Reddit thread asked users, “What’s something that people without siblings will never understand?”


The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of people started sharing the things you can only know if grew up with brothers and/or sisters.

Here are some of the best responses:

“Why it’s a bad idea to put a light switch OUTSIDE the bathroom door.”
kuro-oruk / Via

“That you don’t apologize after a fight, you just start talking to them again.”
kapojinha / Via

“What it’s like to have someone who is both an accomplice and a rival.”
zombiebane / Via

“That ownership of the TV remote is a matter of life or death.”
beerbellybegone / Via

“‘Mom said it’s my turn to play the Xbox.’”
imtherealwierdly / Via

“The wave of fear that shudders through you at the moment your younger sibling bursts into tears within earshot of your parents because of something you did.”
Dickcheese_McDoogles / Via

“‘Please don’t tell mum! Look, you can hit me back!’”
HarpyFA / Via

“The amount of blackmail you have on each other that creates a Cold War scenario.”
MrOreoMan101 / Via

“Having someone to complain about your parents to. I love my parents very much, but they are crazy sometimes.”
rwatkinsGA / Via

“That only the powerful or the fast get to take hot showers.”
demonardvark / Via

“As an oldest sibling you may give the younger siblings sh*t. But nobody else is allowed to give them sh*t.”
beetleeagle667 / Via

“The experience of literally dehydrating yourself so you don’t lose the prime seat that if you get up from, will be stolen within seconds.”
patheticgurl / Via

“Having to hide your snacks because they’ll be gone in seconds.”
feather_vs / Via

“Making your sibling laugh so their cries are not credible to the parents.”
19you1 / Via

“Getting offered something by your parents, saying no, and then when you see them ask your sibling, you’re like, ‘Wait a minute, I want that.’”
AmusedCoffee02 / Via

“That the oldest gets front seat. I am the eldest of four and had a monopoly on that front seat until we were all old enough to have our own cars.”
1HeyMattJ / Via

“The ever-changing alliances. Is my brother on my side or my sister’s side today?”
beerbellybegone / Via

“The experience of hating someone who is literally just sitting in the same room as you and isn’t doing anything. Just their presence is annoying.”
nathanormiston / Via

And finally…

“That it’s possible to love someone who you usually hate.”
EasternRayz / Via

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