#1 Your highly personal information documented in the teachers grade book.

-icon / Via reddit.com

#2 Having these types of chairs in your classrooms.

TirelessGuardian / Via reddit.com

#3 Learning via an overhead projector.

ggehner / Via instagram.com

#4 Pretending to administer a shot of lead with mechanical pencils.

chafralin43 / Via reddit.com

#5 These transparency sheets the teacher would write on.

ScrunchJeans / Via reddit.com

#6 These folded paper fortune tellers.

probablyafkatm / Via reddit.com

#7 Earning these different colored little star stickers.

Forever-evolving / Via reddit.com

#8 This electronic sharpener that was oddly fun to empty out.

moonpies4everyone / Via reddit.com

#9 These colored cards that were updated based on your behavior.

calibore / Via reddit.com

#10 These hand crank sharpeners that were always too close to the wall and put your knuckles at risk.

cbruvels / Via reddit.com

#11 Doing basic addition and subtraction on these math blocks.

jewbo23 / Via reddit.com

#12 Using these cold, hard, unpleasant scissors.

countcet / Via reddit.com

#13 The look and smell of these Spacemakers that you stored so many of your belongings in.

FatSloppyPecker / Via reddit.com

#14 Playing this Carmen Sandiego computer game.

HairoftheDog89 / Via reddit.com

#15 Learning to tell time on one of these little Judy clocks.

jenn_haigler_ / Via instagram.com

#16 The monster who would shoot people with these folded paper + rubber band projectiles.

ELECTRICSHADOW964 / Via reddit.com

#17 These geoboards and bands.

pragmatic_ / Via reddit.com

#18 Those magnificent Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencils and pens.

Jeffrey_Strange / Via reddit.com

#19 These pull-down maps.

Steffan514 / Via reddit.com

#20 Portables.

80s_Kidz / Via twitter.com

And finally, these chalkboard erasers and the cloud of white they produced when you banged them together

coveredinsecurity / Via reddit.com

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