#1 You aren’t the only one who likes to make funny faces in front of the camera.

rexiecat / Via instagram.com

#2 The most treacherous invasion

GeneReddit123 / Via reddit.com

#3 Feeling super comfy…

eatgamer / Via reddit.com

#4 Cats don’t need any company to have fun.

samurottinhell / Via twitter.com

#5 This is my life now.

diyar / Via reddit.com

#6 Purrfect from all angles

catsu / Via twitter.com

#7 When someone broke the cat again

FPTN / Via reddit.com

#8 When they say your smile is beautiful

rexiecat / Via instagram.com

#9 Here’s a picture of a cat that has one million followers on Instagram. What have you achieved so far in life?

wilfredwarrior / Via instagram.com

#10 When the batteries suddenly die

kokonananya / Via twitter.com

#11 Caught this guy trying to steal my yogurt.


#12 My cat resembles a KFC chicken leg.

km8907 / Via reddit.com

#13 When your cat is possessed by the devil

fartpowder / Via twitter.com

#14 I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.

Guzyninaa / Via twitter.com

#15 You’re going to regret this, I promise.

alimaadelat / Via twitter.com

#16 You shouldn’t have come in, human.

ateart / Via imgur.com

#17 When you hear your neighbors’ dog is going to stay with you while they’re on vacation.

Aerik / Via reddit.com

#18 When you’re in trouble and realize no one’s going to help you

JaneTheCatMom / Via twitter.com

#19 Where is my food, I am hungry.

dat3nm / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Guzyninaa / twitter.com