*feels hungry*
Me: *eats*
Stomach: what tHE FuCK??? That is NOT what I wanted at ALL no I am NOT DOING THIS FIND SOMEONE ELSE softshirringsound

2. let’s play “what did I eat to make my stomach want to kill me this time” hauntinglybeautifulsoul

3. When you have to awkwardly explain to someone what IBS is. trinecomics

4. when you eat your favorite meal but you know it’s going to cause you pain later ibsprince-ss

Me: *sleeping*
Chronic illness: Wake up!!! It’s time to suffer!!! It is the perfect time to suffer!!! danweh

Me: Oh yes I went on several trips over the summer
Person: Really? What kind of trips?
Me: Trips to the toilet ibsprince-ss

7. When a safe food suddenly becomes a trigger. lifeofacrohnie

8. Getting a flare like disabilityhealth

9. I wonder what it’s like to have a normal digestive system. nine-times-blue

10. When you’re trying not to be stressed out to keep symptoms at bay but thinking about stress just makes everything worse. justibsthings

11. When you take one bite and you can already feel a storm brewing in your guts… thedishranawaywithmyspoons

12. When I take a new medicine ibsprince-ss

me: wow my IBS hasn’t flared up in a couple days maybe I’m cured
my IBS: (Adele voice) hello justibsthings