Recently, @madlatinathot asked Twitter to share their unpopular high school opinions and things got interesting.

We were only friends with some people cause we saw them 5 days a week
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High School teaches you ABSOLUTELY nothing you need for the real world. Like thank u for teaching me PEMDAS but how tf do I file my taxes?

Taking AP classes doesn’t mean you are smart nor does it guarantee credit for your college. Taking the fun and easy regular classes or dual credit classes might help you relieve stress and enjoy high school more
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Bullying substitute teachers is weak and has never been nor will it ever be funny
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My teachers were better friends than my actual friends.
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Those people who say high school was pointless were probably the ones in the back eating hot Cheetos and yelling “BUT MIIIISSSSSSSS” when they got in trouble
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It definitely was not the best 4 years of my life that everyone said it would be
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MLA format is fu*king pointless
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People will talk down on you just because they know you have potential to be something.
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High school english classes make your writing worse because they just teach you how to write “reporter” style and cite sources and don’t teach creative writing
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Teachers are the most fun to gossip with
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Going home as soon as school is over >>>
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When people say it was the best 4 years of their life and would do anything to go back… like good job you peaked in HS
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School custodians deserve way more credit than they get
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Talking to a lot of people doesn’t mean they your friends
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Teaching should only be for those who consider it a genuine passion because it affects the lives of the future generation
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Spend time with your parents instead of spending time with people in HS that you will never see again after you graduate
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Elective classes teach you WAY more than core classes
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Teachers & administration should be trained in how to properly handle a situation with a student involving the student’s mental health. teachers see students more than parents during the school year, someone needs to be looking out for them.
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High schools need to teach us that there is more out there than just college. Trade programs are important. Stop telling us is we wanna be successful we gotta go to college.
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