Durga Prasad

Super Mario Bros:

1. It ain’t over even if its game over. The princess still awaits you.
2. Sometimes you can jump/reach farther but it just doesn’t make any sense.
3. The bigger you are the easier it is for enemies to hit you.


1. Luck can only take you so far.
2. You can know a lot if you think it through.
3. Taking a risk when the odds are stacked up against you can be fatal.


1. Plan ahead
2. Sometimes life throws you a Z when you are looking for a L. It does give you a warning though.
3. A small mistake can turn out very expensive.


1. If you are responsible (carrying the bomb) make sure that you keep the team aware about your decisions.
2. No one likes a back stabber.
3. Planning ahead(bomb defusal kit) might end up being the difference between life and death
4. Progress (money) depends on the society (team) not the individual.
5. Make sure you are in a safe position before you go after the big fish (sniping).

Age of Empires:

1. a single villager can’t take out a boar but can lure it out. When you can’t convince people to follow your goal you can try bringing the goal closer so that they can see it.
2. There is always some gold close by, you just have to take the effort to explore it.
3. Be aware of what your opposition is doing.
4. Take time to research on things you will use.
5. Falling back doesn’t mean giving up.
6. You can still be valuable to your team even if you are crushed in your own turf.

Diablo & Torchlight:

1. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you might get. Sometimes its not even a chocolate.
2. No matter what you are equipped with there is always something better ahead.
3. Whats invaluable to you might be trash to another.
4. Always invest wisely with the experience gained.


1. Some jumps just seem impossible until you try it out.
2. If you dare to explore the uncharted lands be ready to face the uncharted enemies

Mass Effect

1. You can either be a good guy or a bad guy. Anything in between just isn’t effective.
2. You should take responsibility for your actions.
3. A simple conversation can sometimes lead to some erotic results.


1. The harder you hit the harder it comes back.
2. Things are just out of control sometimes.
3. Starting with a bang is not always the best thing. (Skill shot is awarded, launch so that only 3/6 lights are activated).

Battle City

Too much power is dangerous. (When you accidentally take out the protecting blocks).

Lode Runner & Bomber Man

You might end up in the traps laid for others.

Dr. Mario

Too much medication is a bad thing.


1. A friend makes tackling any challenge easier.
2. A good friend gives his life(s) for you.

Duck Hunt

A Dog is not man’s best friend. (Look at that laugh)

Road Rash

Kicking someone alters your course too.


Even if you are sedated, you can still control yourselves.
You can move ahead even if your legs are tied up.

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