6-year-old: How will I know when I’m a grown-up?
Me: Do you dread getting out of bed?
6: No.
Me: You’re not there yet. 1:47 AM – 14 Jul 2016, @XplodingUnicorn

2. I’m totally a morning person in the sense that I’m a person and mornings happen and there’s apparently nothing I can do about it 4:47 AM – 4 Sep 2015, @rushbomb

3. I may not be good at sleeping, but I compensate by being really bad at waking up 2:03 PM – 13 Sep 2016, @sortabad

4. A great thing about waking up early is you have the whole day to go back to bed. 8:23 PM – 29 May 2016, @joshgondelman

5. When you thought you were going to wake up early and make extra effort to get ready 11:51 PM – 10 Sep 2016, @Amlx_o

6. wowe wakig up super early is great, instead of getting tired late at night u get tired by 9am cool 10:16 PM – 7 Sep 2016, @jonnysun

7. LIFE HACK: not getting out of bed so that you get to bed sooner 10:16 PM – 19 Dec 2014, @aparnapkin

8. i was wondering why my alarm didn’t go off this morning and i realized this is what i had as my alarm 10:04 PM – 8 Sep 2016, @cate_goff

9. setting my alarm for school tomorrow like 9:27 AM – 6 Sep 2016, @emmaadderson

10. I HATE WAKING UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN JUST TO GO TO SCHOOL 7:02 AM – 7 Sep 2016, @Prince__Suburan

11. I’m always awake early but I’m not as much of a “morning person” as I am a “don’t talk to me ever” person. 8:12 PM – 18 Jul 2012, @OhNoSheTwitnt

12. the only good part about getting out of bed is getting to eat again 8:32 PM – 24 Jun 2015, @sbellelauren

13. Just hit “snooze” on my smoke alarm. I’m going to need a few more minutes of sleep before I start dealing with a house fire. 3:10 AM – 8 Sep 2016, @markleggett

14. I’ve never gone skydiving, but I do regularly snooze a little longer after I’ve turned off my last snooze alarm, so I get it. 10:38 PM – 6 May 2014, @natedern

15. yeah either you can be a “morning person” or you could be such a badass night person that night becomes morning because it can’t handle you 8:07 PM – 21 Jun 2013, @fart

16. It’s really hard to wake up early and go to the gym but it’s worth it because afterwards I feel really truly terrible. 9:17 PM – 29 Oct 2014, @christindal

17. The best part of waking up is the Folgers I threw in your face for getting me out of bed so damn early. 9:02 PM – 12 Nov 2012, @XplodingUnicorn

18. Waking up early and getting things done is one of the best feelings ever…
I assume. 2:59 AM – 12 Feb 2014, @abbyrosenquist

STEP 1: wake up early
STEP 2: play on cell phone
STEP 3: ????
STEP 4: apologize for being late 7:32 PM – 9 Sep 2016, @McJesse

20. Sometimes I can be a real morning person; like in the afternoon when I get up. 1:36 PM – 12 Jun 2016, @ImChrisWilson