#1 This cat, who chose to park it — yep — right here


#2 This dog, who just wanted to feel close

the_pcos_fight / Via instagram.com

#3 This kitten was like “This seems like a comfortable resting spot for my tush.”

meowingtonsco / Via instagram.com

#4 This pup was like “Actually I could definitely fall asleep right here! Thanks!”

erikalsanders / Via instagram.com

#5 All this cat wanted was to cuddle up

shelllbee / Via reddit.com

#6 This dog was like “let me get in on this selfie action plz!!!”

kathryn.torrey / Via instagram.com

#7 This dog understands the importance of catching up on their news, of course

t.mawn / Via instagram.com

#8 This kitten probably just thought you needed some help working from home

xblade724 / Via reddit.com

#9 There’s clingy, and then there’s kitten-level clingy

meowingtonsco / Via instagram.com

#10 It’s just a fact: cats don’t believe in personal space, and this photo proves it.


#11 This buddy knows they’ve got the best spot in the whole house

sir_otto_the_airedale / Via instagram.com

#12 Meanwhile, this cat is clearly a pro at staring contests

meowingtonsco / Via instagram.com

#13 This boss

mickyboi_98 / Via instagram.com

#14 To be fair, I don’t think humans should have **all** the fun when it comes to bathtime

hogan_and_jackson_thegsds / Via instagram.com

#15 This kitty is just here to remind you to limit your screen time, after all


#16 This parrot is fully on board with happy hour

alxbz_fitbosslady / Via instagram.com

#17 At the end of the day, clingy pets are like, the best pets.

meowingtonsco / Via instagram.com

#18 And we wouldn’t want them any other way!

amby-jane / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: meowingtonsco / instagram.com, the_pcos_fight