1. You may have noticed, I’m not all there myself.

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2. Don’t let people, events, or life beat you down. Stand tall.

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3. Funny Bald lawn mower clever unique color tattoo

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4. It reminds me that people who may appear happy, might also be at battle with themselves.

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5. My dad died on December 15, 2016. Today, I got a tattoo.

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6. Glowing together

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8. Boo


9. When adversity comes your way, it is so cool to keep a sense of humor.

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10. The hug

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11. The moon

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12. Got our late Loki’s nose. Gone, but never forgotten, little guy.

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13. The owner of this tattoo had panic disorders. And “Riddikulus” is a spell from the Harry Potter movies used to turn something frightening into something ridiculous.

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14. My mom wrote me a note the day I moved out / the same day she passed, (also with her real last heartbeat). She lost mobility in her hands from her previous cardiac arrest so some people may see the words as messy but it’s beyond perfect in my eyes. I love you so much momma.

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15. Another transforming tattoo

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16. Panda

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17. A skyline of everywhere I’ve lived. Drawn by a friend of mine and done by Mason at Imperial Tattoo in Toronto.

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18. Together through life.

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Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: imgur.com