#1 In Arrival, when the “flashbacks” were actually future memories, meaning Louise and Ian were going to have a daughter and watch her die.

Paramount Pictures, Piper Becky / Via facebook.com

#2 In Orphan, when 9-year-old Esther turned out to be a 33-year-old murderer.

Dark Castle Entertainment, ravenbard / Via buzzfeed.com

#3 In Coco, when Ernesto revealed that he murdered H├ęctor and stole all of his songs.

Disney, leighshivers36 / Via buzzfeed.com

#4 In Toy Story 2, when Stinky Pete turned out to be the villain and tried to prevent Woody from escaping.

Disney, rachelc43 / Via buzzfeed.com

#5 In Se7en, when Mills discovered his wife’s head in the box and then killed John Doe.

New Line Cinema, heleny4e09222a8 / Via buzzfeed.com

#6 In Spider-Man: Homecoming, when Liz’s dad turned out to be Vulture.

Marvel, Kristina Lawler Funk / Via facebook.com

#7 In Avengers: Infinity War, when Thanos snapped his fingers and literally half of the Avengers turned to dust.

Marvel, l4ca1bf600 / Via buzzfeed.com

#8 In Snowpiercer, when everyone was convinced that all life outside the train was extinguished, but at the end they saw a polar bear walking freely outside.

CJ Entertainment, marahm3 / Via buzzfeed.com

#9 In Shutter Island, when Leo DiCaprio’s character turned out to be a patient at the insane asylum instead of the US marshal.

Paramount Pictures, nicoler4931ad9fb / Via buzzfeed.com

#10 In Interstellar, when Mann lied about his planet’s inability to support human life and tried to kill Cooper to cover his tracks.

Paramount Pictures, laurajeraci2000 / Via buzzfeed.com

#11 In Seven Pounds, when Ben’s past revealed that he killed seven people while texting and driving.

Relativity Media, e4d8021611 / Via buzzfeed.com

#12 In Split, when the post-credits scene revealed the movie was actually a sequel to Unbreakable, linking James McAvoy’s “Beast” to Bruce Willis’ David Dunn.

Universal Pictures, sleepygrl / Via buzzfeed.com

#13 In Zootopia, when Judy realized that Assistant Mayor Bellwether was behind all of the attacks and framed predators as savage creatures.

Disney, e41f520302 / Via buzzfeed.com

#14 In Wreck-It Ralph, when King Candy started glitching and turned out to be Turbo.

Disney, Beverley Carry / Via facebook.com

#15 In Black Swan, when Nina thought she killed Lily, but she actually ended up killing herself.

Fox Searchlight Pictures, shanxnespe / Via buzzfeed.com

#16 In The Prestige, when Robert realized two identical twins took turns living the life of his rival, Alfred Borden.

Buena Vista Pictures, kaylahunia97 / Via buzzfeed.com

#17 In The Departed, when Costigan thought he was finally going to get his life back and prove Sullivan was the rat, but he was immediately killed.

Warner Bros, bolognasandwichwithmustard / Via buzzfeed.com

#18 In The Village, when everything turned out to be a social experiment, and the village was actually located deep in a forrest preserve in the present day.

Touchstone Pictures, Jane Choy / Via facebook.com

#19 In A Beautiful Mind, when Russell Crowe’s character realized he was actually hallucinating several people in his life.

Universal Pictures, amandam4792b0329 / Via buzzfeed.com

#20 In Psycho, when it was revealed that Norman Bates was pretending to be his dead mother the whole time.

Paramount Pictures, izzys4fc984564 / Via buzzfeed.com

#21 In Saw, when the “dead” body on the ground revealed himself to be Jigsaw.

Lionsgate Films, caitlinm18 / Via buzzfeed.com

#22 In Adrift, when Tami realized she hallucinated everything, meaning Richard didn’t really survive at sea.

STX Films, brittneeg3 / Via buzzfeed.com

#23 In The Sixth Sense, when the flashbacks showed that Malcolm Crowe was actually dead the whole time.

Hollywood Pictures, sarahhonstein / Via buzzfeed.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Marvel, Kristina Lawler Funk / Via facebook.com