#1 How to create a “spontaneous” photo

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#2 Being a good player is so easy on social media.

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#3 Let them think you’re getting the perfect stretch.

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#4 Flawless and poreless make up exists only in photos.

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#5 These simple photos might’ve been taken under really risky circumstances.

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#6 Behind some vacation photos are hardworking boyfriends.

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#7 Getting in shape looks less motivating in real life.

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#8 The illusion of luxurious life

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#9 If you won’t hug yourself, then nobody will.

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#10 First you post a nice photo, then you can eat.

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#11 A good photographer can create a masterpiece in any location.

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#12 Freelancer life be like

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#13 This is a professional model, but she also posts unflattering photos to prove that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

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#14 A little of finesse and free time will give you any luxurious item for a good photo.

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#15 Girls who try to show off with their boyfriends on social media might also be lying.

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#16 “Took the whip out for a wash.”

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#17 Summertime budget lifehack.

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#18 Behind every autumn Instagram photo.

OMAHI – Photography, OMAHI – Photography / Via facebook.com

#19 It’s all about the pose and the posture.

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#20 You can own whatever you want on social media, no one will ever know.

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