#1 The Imperial System

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#2 Wow

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#3 Rose uh?

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#4 Sign at a local beach

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#5 My school blocked a website because it was labeled as education

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#6 I bought a billboard to promote my business and they screwed up the formatting

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#7 So proud of my country

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#8 This resculpted head of baby Jesus


#9 The cat just trapped me in the bathroom by opening a drawer.

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#10 Imagine having to wear this for your job

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#11 Take my honey

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#12 The circle of life

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#13 Crystal furniture set that looks like raw meat

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#14 A new park opened in my city, pretty lovely, and this. ButtCleaner3000

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#15 Was worried about privacy, so I asked if they could put a door up to the men’s change room. Problem solved.

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#16 Don’t wake anybody up if you’re exiting the motel during a fire!

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#17 My original post was removed because everyone thought the backpack was real. Here’s another angle that shows that the bag is part of the design and is blocking the phone number

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#18 The packaging of LOL Dolls.

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#19 Almost broke my leg

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#20 I normally enjoy irony, but not this time.

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