#1 This mom is NOT about to do Elf on the Shelf:

#2 This is basically all of us:

MarcSnetiker / Via twitter.com

#3 While this poor mom has already blown Christmas:

#4 This is basically all of our moms:

97Vercetti / Via twitter.com

#5 This is 100% accurate:

SpookyGothLoser / Via twitter.com

#6 This guy is still stuck on Halloween:

PrestoVision / Via twitter.com

#7 This guy is someone we’ve all met:

#8 While this guy is struggling to get to Christmas break:

#9 While this girl just wants someone’s “stupid a*s son” to celebrate with

prettytingsoph / Via twitter.com

#10 Shoutout to everyone celebrating two Christmases:

#11 This dog and her bone, er, candy cane are too funny:

#12 Shoutout to the town that did this:

NanaTamara21 / Via twitter.com

#13 While this cat is basically every cat this time of year:

#14 This person came up with an intriguing twist on holiday Hallmark movies:

#15 When you’re excited for Christmas but also broke:

LifeOfEdgar / Via twitter.com

#16 When you’re excited for Christmas but also broke, Part 2:

#17 This advent calendar, meanwhile, is a little different:

#18 While this person basically pitched the anti-Hallmark movie:

#19 This Christmas Vacation stan said what she said:

#20 And, lastly, please send thoughts and prayers out to this poor Santa:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: MarcSnetiker / twitter.com